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Play & Joy's Edible Vegan Personal Lubricant is made with 100% edible ingredients in our custom production facility that ONLY produces food products. Undesirable aromas can be a real mood stopper and prevents your fantasies from reaching its full potential. Our sugar-free formula is not only vegan friendly it is also HALAL compatible. Flavored lubricant acts as a catalyst and with our variety of tastes, your partner will be coming back for more savoring every last drop!


Benefits of Flavored Lubricant

·        Masks undesirable smells making oral sex longer lasting and more enjoyable

·        Encourages explorative nibbles and licks

·        Wide variety of yummy flavors creating delicious surprises every time

·        100% compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms

Play & Joy Flavored Oral Lube - Peach

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